Yesterday’s announcement by DULHC is the introduction of Approved Document T (Toilet Accommodation) and also consequential amendments to Approved Document M V2 and Approved Document G which all becomes applicable as of 1st October 2024.

The functional requirements of T1 states that toilet accommodation in buildings other than dwellings must consist of:

(i) reasonable provision for male and female single-sex toilets or

(ii) where space precludes provision of single-sex toilets, universal toilets
(b) may consist of universal toilets in addition to single-sex toilets.

It describes the size, layout, fittings and equipment of universal toilets and single-sex toilets.

Exemptions are:
Dwellings, en-suite facilities in individual rooms for residential purposes, care homes, premises used for early years provision, schools, and cellular accommodation in custodial facilities.

Transitional provisions are an application must be submitted prior to the 1st October 2024 and have sufficiently progressed within 6 months.

Sufficiently progressed:

Where the building work consists of the construction of a building, when the pouring of concrete for the permanent placement of the trench, pad or raft foundations has started

or the permanent placement of piling has started;

or where the building work consists of work to an existing building, when that work has started;

Where the building work consists of a material change of use of a building, when work to effect that change of use has stated.

Circular letter and amendments to regulations can be viewed here:

Approved Document T can be viewed here:

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